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Dream Come True Vehicle Donations
Vehicle Donations

Donating a vehicle to Dream Come True is a very easy process. You can call our donation help desk at 484-375-0047 or just fill out the online vehicle donation form. Your vehicle will be picked up free of charge at a time convenient to you.

To get started, you will need the vehicle title in front of you. Most of the information you will have to give us is on the front of the title. You will also need the current mileage of the vehicle. If you donate your vehicle online, please have a telephone number that we can contact you. Your donation coordinator will need to contact you to schedule an appointment for pickup.

The vehicle needs to be titled in your name and completely paid for with no liens. If you do have a lien, it will need to be satisfied before donating. If you need help on how to release a lien, please contact our help desk.

"Dream Come True has brought smiles and special moments to over 1,150 ill children and their families. Serving the local area for 24 years we have touched the lives of many sick children. We strive to give them hope and help them get away from their daily trials and tribulations regarding their illness. We let them have the chance to dream."

We accept cars, trucks, RV’s, trailers, motorcycles, boats and classic cars.

If you can’t find your title, please contact our help desk. Our customer service department has access to the forms required by your state to apply for a duplicate title. We make it easy for you to donate.

After you schedule a pickup, our driver will contact you to confirm the pickup and get any needed directions to your location. Once he arrives, you will receive a donation receipt and will have to sign and give the title to the driver. He will also help you remove the license plate and any personal items from the vehicle. Please send your old license plates and registration cards to your State Department of Motor Vehicles so the vehicle plates are no longer registered to you. You also might want to call your insurance company to make sure your insurance is cancelled since you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

Your donation will then be transported to a public auction and sold. The proceeds will be used to provide dreams to children and support our programs.

It’s easy, safe, tax deductible, and heart warming to know your donation is helping others.

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